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SAIL will cover elements of sailing and sailboats for both the novice and experienced sailor who wishes to understand "why things work". We will cover various hull design theories, sail plan differences and how to trim sails for maximum effectivness.

We are planning a mid-April trip to a sailboat oriented boatyard to see the differences in the various hull forms and underwater configurations. This will be very useful to someone planning a purchase in the future.

Two unstructured course blocks will be open to student concerns. You will be able to bring questions or ideas and we will discuss them as a group. If we can get you answers, we will.

An extensive list of hyperlinks will be given to students.

We are trying to arrange On-the-Water time for students to illustrate the concepts laid out in this course. Please check back for details.

The course will also touch upon, marlinespike, helmsmanship, and handling of more difficult sailing conditions, navigation rules, and an introduction to heavy weather sailing.


Boating Class

America's Boating Course: One of the best ways to have a fun boating experience is to "know before you go". If you are a new boater or an experienced boater in need of a refresher course, consider taking a boating course.

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