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Sextant Usage in New York City Harbor

Donate Your Boat

North River Squadron is looking for a 19 - 23 foot power boat for it's on the water training program.   Donations would be greatly appreciated and since we are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization you will receive a tax deduction for the appraised value of the boat.  To donate please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Welcome to the North River Sail & Power Squadron

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North River Sail & Power Squadron offers Marine Safety and Boating Education for boat owners, operators and those interested in getting into boating in the New York City area. We conduct classes and Seminars for:

  • State Boating Safety Certificates
  • Celestial Navigation
  • Basic Powerboat Handling
  • Sail
  • Coastal Piloting & Blue Water Navigation.

We offer over a dozen different boating courses. See our courses listed under Education at the upper left

Commander Kim O'Connell's Statement:

Dear Members,

Welcome back; I hope everybody is planning a fun safe and boating-filled season. I am pleased to announce the Spring events of the North River Sail & Power Squadron. The classes, seminars and community service are the 3 points the USPS strives to accomplish. . We are looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming events, classes and seminars. Coming up are:

  • Practical On-The-Water Training Seminars
  • Tides & Currents of the East River Seminar
  • District On-the-Water Certification for Basic Powerboat Operation and Navigation.

Please see our listing of classes & seminars under Event or Education on the left.

Please RSVP by emailing us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

See you all around!

Cdr. KIm O'Connell, JN



Never Boated? Our Americas Boating Course is a great introduction to on the water life. Learn the rules of the road, how to tie a bowline knot and learn how to read a chart. New York is a most unique environment for boating steeped with history. Sailors, Power Boaters, Fishermen & Cruisers are all drawn to this area. Hear their stories & learn new ideas. As a new member you will be entitled to the following MEMBER BENEFITS

  1. 11 diverse and challenging courses, as well as a variety of learning guides on exciting topics.boating videotape libraries maintained by local squadrons.
  2. a program that offers members the best and most competitive boating insurance: USPS Boat Insurance Program - 800-763-8777
  3. a USPS Visa credit card that offers competitive rates, no annual fee and a cash-back incentive for your squadron.
  4. a program offering discounts that saves you money on boating equipment purchases thorough Boat/US - (703) 461-2866.
  5. a 501(c)(3) federal tax status that allow you to deduct many USPS expenses on your income taxes.
  6. Vessel Assist
  7. Sea/Tow
  8. John Hancock Long-term care insurance
  9. 11 issues of the Ensign magazine that contains boating information.
  10. Newsletters that contain information on district and squadron activities.
  11. The Port Captains Program that offers a directory of USPS members who are available to assist you in unfamiliar waters.

Call the USPS customer Service Center at 888-For-USPS for knowledgeable and courteous staff to answer your questions and process your requests.

NRSPS officers and members meet once a month; call or email us for information. By joining NRSPS you will also have an opportunity to participate in the USPS Cooperative Charting Program which helps keep our national charts accurate. As a member, you can work with the joint USPS/Coast Guard Auxiliary boat safety inspection program. But above all, as an active member you will enjoy the camaraderie of seasoned boaters eager to share their knowledge of the boats they pilot and the seas they love.

For further information and up-to-date information on classes and social activities, or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it a message to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 646-274-1492


  • Commander, Kim O'Connell, JN-IN
  • D4 Representative, Grant Hobson, SN
  • Executive Officer, Ken Brown, AP
  • Administrative Officer,
  • Education Officer, Bill Bloxham, SN-CN
  • Asst. Ed. Officer, Marvin Lipper, SN-IN
  • Secretary, Jerry Tauber, SN-IN
  • Treasurer, Arnon Ben-Ari, AP
  • Sr. Past Commander, Nick Garbidakis, P



In Memorium A. Eugene Wells

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of North River Past Commander A. Eugene Wells on January 2, 2013. Beloved husband of Roberta, devoted father of Claudia and Steven.  He was a member of North River for 53 years and attained 30 merit marks.   The following was read at his memorial service:

The Unknown Shore

Sometime at Eve when the tide is low
I shall slip my moorings and sail away
With no response to a friendly hail
In the silent hush of the twilight pale
When the night stoops down to embrace the day
And the voices call in the water's flow

Sometime at Eve When the water is low
I shall slip my moorings and sail away.
Through purple shadows
That darkly trail o'er the ebbing tide
And the Unknown Sea,
And a ripple of waters' to tell the tale
Of a lonely voyager sailing away
To mystic isles
Where at anchor lay
The craft of those who had sailed before
O'er the Unknown Sea
To the Unknown Shore

A few who watched me sail away
Will miss my craft from the busy bay
Some friendly barques were anchored near
Some loving souls my heart held dear
In silent sorrow will drop a tear
But I shall have peacefully furled my sail
In mooring sheltered from the storm and gale
And greeted friends who had sailed before
O'er the Unknown Sea
To the Unknown Shore

- Elizabeth Clark Hardy



America's Boating Course

America's Boating Course is a complete program covering the basics of recreational boating. The course is designed for boaters using all types of watercraft. The course material includes four main chapters, which cover:

Boat Education: General information about boats and personal watercraft, and their maintenance

  1. Boating Safety: How to make your boating safer and more comfortable
  2. Boating Law and Regulation: Laws and regulations that you must follow.

To register for the next ABC Class click here.

After you have earned your Boating Safety Certificate, get hands-on boat operating experience with our Practical On-The-Water Seminar, an all day event where you are shown the correct way to drive and handle a boat, and do the exercises on the water with a trained Instructor. Click here for details.


Boating Class

America's Boating Course: One of the best ways to have a fun boating experience is to "know before you go". If you are a new boater or an experienced boater in need of a refresher course, consider taking a boating course.

More info ...

USPS Activities - Boating is fun...we'll show you how




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